Are you tired of spinning your wheels? Are you tired of feeling stuck, confused? Do you feel like you’re trying everything to gain more clients and make more money, but it just isn’t working? Are you finally ready to learn the secrets of what really works to build and market your nutrition or holistic practice into a business that actually makes a profit?

Introducing: BUILD Your Holistic Business Learn the right steps to stop spinning your wheels and finally take your business from a hobby to a Success with Proven Business & Marketing Strategies that will make you proud to say “yes! My business is growing… finally”

What you will receive…

  • 1 – 90 minute 1:1 Session with Sam to clarify your vision and goals (in office Calgary or via Skype)
  • Review of your current business model and materials
  • Build Your Business Checklist and Resources
  • 6 bi-weekly (30 min.) coaching/mentoring calls to keep you motivated, accountable and working toward your goals )
  • Exclusive worksheets, tracking sheets, templates, action plans, audio and/or visual training.
  • Exclusive tips, do’s and don’ts for meeting with clients, networking, social media and more
  • 1 Bonus One-on-One Follow Up Private 30 minute coaching call with Sam ($150.00 value)
  • 1 Bonus mini-session with Sam (priceless!)

Contact Sam for more information.1.855.860.6777

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