Sam Rafoss with Sandra Yancey  at "Living Brave"  5th Annual Women's Success Summit, Edmonton
Sam Rafoss with Sandra Yancey at “Living Brave” 5th Annual Women’s Success Summit, Edmonton

It was an honour to have a few minutes to talk with and capture this photo with one of my favourite heroes, Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO of eWomen Network (largest women’s business network with 118 chapters worldwide).

Sandra was in Edmonton a few days ago on her Living Brave Tour (5th Annual Women’s Success Summit).  There was about 100 women, including me, and a couple of enlightened men in the room hanging on every word this Transformational Leader shared.

She said she was there to share her 5 Tips for Living Brave.  I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with her tips that were more like profound statements to ponder and meditate on to understand how implementing even one of them would make a shift towards your higher purpose.

Every word Sandra Yancey speaks is honest, heartfelt and authentic.  You know a speaker is beyond excellent when 90 minutes seems like two minutes.  Yes – I’m a fan of Sandra Yancey and eagerly, graciously soak up every word she says.

I’m a fan because she is real, because she walks her talk, because she is a leader and a role model who eloquently states, lives and breathes “FLY – first love yourself – before you can Soar”.

So true.  So true.  Thank you Sandra Yancey for inspiring us to follow in your footsteps.  I’m with you.  I”m “tracking”.  I’m in.



“Get ready to gain confidence, attract your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth and make money doing what you love to do”.

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FLY Before You Can Soar
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