One of the best choices you can make as a holistic entrepreneur is to become an expert in your chosen field.  It’s not enough to define yourself as a profession (nutritionist, massage therapist, personal trainer) any more.  It is much better to pick what your strengths are and what you love to do within your field and then take the time to learn and practise in that area.

Why you ask?  The number one reason?  The internet and the Google search.

People are looking for an expert to solve their specific problem and that’s what they type in that “I’m feeling lucky” box.  If a woman is wanting to lose weight after having a baby.  She is going to search for “how to lose the baby weight” or something similar, she is not likely going to do a generic search for a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

When you choose your area of speciality; study, practise and hone your skills and help your clients get the results they want, you become the “go to” professional in your field.  The holistic practitioners that are doing this are attracting their ideal clients and in doing so gaining more competence and confidence.

Just make sure you have a good website and can be found when your potential client searches for help in solving their problem.  I hear all the time, “but I get referrals and use my facebook page, why do I need a website?”  Bottom line, no matter if you get referrals, 8 out of 10 people will still “google” you.  In the age of smart phones, people instantly check other people out online. They look for a good professional website with easy navigation and social media – proof of your credibility as an expert in your field.

So make sure you are competent, confident and credible and your ideal clients will be knocking on your door.


“Get ready to gain confidence, attract your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth and make money doing what you love to do”.

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Competence Gives You Confidence
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