"Get ready to gain confidence, attract your ideal clients, charge what you're worth and make money doing what you love to do."   ~ Sam

_Sam RafossMP29302-Edit-4Sam Rafoss is a business & marketing strategist, author and speaker who passionately educates and empowers female entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field to achieve their goals so they can have the life of their dreams.

Sam’s journey to helping female entrepreneurs started in 2008 when she began teaching holistic nutrition courses for the Calgary branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™ building her own business, students and grads would often seek her advice.  Many students were mothers  and Sam could relate to their passion for creating income from a profession they loved while at the same time arranging their schedule to be available for their children and other family members.  Sam has taught hundreds of students at CSNN (2008 – 2011) and each year graduates seek her business and marketing advice.  They appreciate her honesty, integrity, and support for them in creating a successful business while balancing family and personal time.

Clients Rave – Sam Listens and She Delivers

As the contract nutrition educator for five years (2011-2016) for Healthy Living School Program at VIVO, Sam has taught nutrition to hundreds of school-aged children.  She uses this experience to educate and mentor other C.H.N.C.™'s and nutrition coaches that seek her knowledge and expertise.

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The women who engage her services and attend her workshops rave because they feel she relates to their fears and cares about their issues.  Sam listens to their concerns and questions and draws on her marketing experience to create innovative, practical strategies and sound advice how to solve their problems and market and build their business.

Example comments include:

When I was trying to figure out where to begin with starting my own holistic nutrition business, I was given Sam's name by a colleague.  Sam was my "knight in shining armour"!  She took my hand and helped me build my businesss from the ground up.  Focusing on the fundamentals and each tiny detail is what makes Sam a true expert in her field.

In a little over a year, she helped me take that first frightened step forward to now:  having a number of clients, a website, social media presence and a brand that I am very confident to stand behind!

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Sam.  I'd still probably be standing still, too afraid to take that first step if it weren't for her.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking to build or rebrand their business.  Her passion, creativity, and patience are extremely inspiring.  Her knowlege along with her experience will help you build the business of your dreams, exactly the way you want it.

Lisa Gillespie, C.H.N.C.™  http://www.thelisagillespie.com

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My name is Denise Charawich and I recently graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Sam was one of the instructors. Upon graduating, I turned to Sam for guidance. She was absolutely wonderful. I had many questions and she answered all of them with practical and helpful information. Thanks to Sam, my first consultation went very well. With her encouragement I felt very confidant and self-assured. I would recommend that any of my classmates contact her for assistance.

~ Denise Charawich, C.H.N.C.™

Laylee Consulting

Bonnyville, AB


As a single mother of three teenage children my time is incredibly valuable to my family and to my business.  I hired Sam earlier this year and it was worth every penny I invested.  She met with me and gave me some questions to answer that made me determine my true business goals.  In the past, I have said “yes” to everyone and everything.  By consulting with Sam, she helped me discover and build upon my strengths and she taught me how to focus and manage my time more effectively.  Not only has this enabled me to become a more confident, efficient business woman but also a successful “mompreneur”.  Sam’s passion to genuinely support her clients in building success is strongly evident when working with her and a key reason that drew me to her.  Sam has inspired me to create the life of my dreams and trust that no star is out of reach.  I am now living the life that I once had thought unattainable.  I’m focused in my business and have carved out more time to be there for my children.  Thank you, Sam.  I will be forever grateful.

~ Heather Crowe,


Founder of Synergistic Nutrition & Wellness Inc.




Similar benefits await you when you decide to invite Sam to serve in the powerful ways that she can support your success.

Sam’s Commitment to Your Satisfaction

What sets Sam apart from other service providers is her generous, nurturing spirit and true belief that whatever you desire for your business and life is attainable and her commitment to your 100% satisfaction. Whether you would like to create a part-time business around your family’s schedule or you would like to build a thriving full-time career in the health and wellness field, Sam can help.

Her coaching is focused on helping the healers of the world attract their ideal clients and make money doing what they love to do. A recipient of the 2014 Amazing Coach Award from the Inspirational Business Leaders Council, Sam is serving her higher purpose so others can serve theirs.  When you're ready to boom your business Sam takes you by the hand and ensures you create the life of your dreams.

How Sam’s Credentials and Experience Serve You

Sam holds Diploma’s in Social Work and Natural Nutrition and is a Registered Karuna Reiki Master.  Her vast work and volunteer experience over the past 30 years includes administration, marketing, education, justice and foster care systems, recreation centers, youth leadership camps and health & wellness facilities.  Sam is continuously investing in learning the most up-to-date technology and is committed to researching and studying business building and marketing, including online marketing, to prosper in her own business and help others do the same.  Throughout her diverse career Sam has been leading workshops, teaching and presenting to groups of all ages and delighting audiences of every size.

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Alumni

On the Personal Side

Sam’s given name is “Sandra”. Her dad began calling her Sam when she was six-years-old and soon others were too. All these years later it’s remained her preferred moniker.  Sam loves 80′s and country music and can be found dancing when no one is watching (much to the delight of her three tween/teen daughter).  She loves to keep active walking, gardening, and practises meditation, yoga or stretching daily.   Her guilty pleasures include white wine, dark chocolate and reading mystery novels.

Commitment to Deliver Excellence

Whether you seek one-on-one advice, attend a business building class or you engage Sam to be a workshop leader or speaker for your upcoming seminar, workshop or professional event, you will receive her commitment to deliver excellence. Sam gives her clients her tried-and-true tips and resources and inspiration to achieve the business goals they desire and gives audience members an energetic, informational, interactive and fun experience.

Call her today – you have nothing to lose. She will tell you openly and honestly, with no commitment on your part, if she can provide what you are looking for.

It would be her pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire by continuing the conversation in the manner that suits you best.

Text 403-988-7507 or Schedule a call online here: https://calendly.com/samrafoss