Honoured to be part of this new book on leadership with my chapter: 4 Habits That Can Change Your Life.

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Mentoring Women Leaders

“In the newly published Alberta-based book Mentoring Women Leaders, Publisher Dorothy Briggs has captured the insights of 25 authors representing different business sectors and diverse leadership styles to provide emerging women leaders with diverse perspectives on and tools for developing their capacity for  leadership at every stage of business-, community- and self-development.

Contributing authors provide honest and clear depictions of themselves and the business climate they work in.

For women by women with a keen awareness of the opportunities and challenges faced by their fellow female entrepreneurs at various stages of business development and of personal/professional growth.

Real experiences of the benefits and challenges of self-employment, start-up and sustainability in small business.

Features over 20 Alberta business women candidly sharing the challenges they faced, how they overcame them and the secrets to achieving the fine balance of professional success and personal wellness.

Buy your book on Amazon.com during Small Business Week (Oct 19-24) and qualify for a free 1.5 hour mentoring session with authors.

Mentoring Women Leaders –  Amazon

Amazon Book Description

“A seasoned “coach” in your corner can lead you to accept yourself, to embrace your strengths as well as your weaknesses, and make the most of what you’ve got, using even supposed “drawbacks” to your advantage. Certainly an experienced mentor can help you discover your “Why?” and your “Big Picture”, inspiring you to build on the essence of what truly motivates you. Woman of Vision recipients are all in the community, consistently accomplishing the awe inspiring. Yet when asked to sum up their “vision”, many hesitate. They don’t readily know. Interesting to note that consistent positive feedback includes citing back to that exercise in defining themselves as one of the most powerful outcomes of the WOV experience.” The Forward to this innovative and inspiring compilation is provided by an Edmonton “Woman of Vision” who, in her own rights, is a true visionary and powerful women role model – ~ Lesley MacDonald.”

4 Habits That Can Change Your Life
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